The things kids say

Got this wonderful compliment from my 15-year-old yesterday. We were at the optician’s to get her glasses fixed. Well who can resist trying out a lot of frames while at the optician’s…

What do you think, I said, turning to my daughter, adorned with a pair of frames I really liked.

Oh, nice. she said. And then continued: the make you look really professional and serious. But..ummm…professional and serious….that’s so not you, mom.


Don’t Search For Happiness – Be It!



Yes I know it’s a cliche, but cliches shouldn’t automatically be dismissed. There must be something to them since people keep on repeating them, right?

Well on a pretty shitty day I suddenly thought “I don’t deserve this. I deserve to feel good.” And then I got the weird idea to go out in the autumn-grey garden and document happy-happy me. Like this. I actually felt better afterwards. Especially since I thought about what the neighbors might have thought if they had seen me jumping up and down like a mad woman to get a good shot. Heh.

Later that evening, something really good happened to me. The shitty mood I had been in was due to something work-related. I thought I had failed in communicating with a client, fearing that the effect would be no more assignments. Well, after dinner I got an email from that client. Turned out I hadn’t failed at all. On the contrary.

And I’m convinced that this was – at least partly – a result of my mood change, earlier in the day.

Yup. I sure am.