A couple of nights ago, a wall-mounted shelf came crashing down in my closet.

I sighed. Not so much about the mess on the floor, no, it was more about me realizing I finally have to embark on a project I have been avoiding for quite some time.

Because that shelf contained a larger portion of my dad’s slides.

My dad enjoyed taking photos very much, and he captured everything from family gatherings to vacation trips and beautiful flowers.

And me…well I have to go through all these slides and decide which to keep and have converted in to digital files.

I’ve really been avoiding this task since there are overwhelmingly many slides to go through – and also because it will be heartbreaking to throw a portion of them away. But I have to. I have no room to keep them all, and converting them all would be far to costly.

Oh well. Here we go. Randomly, I picked a slide box from the floor.


Seen through the eyes of Claës Peter Walter Weibull.

This was his world.