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First of Advent

First of Advent

Today is the First of Advent.

And that is a very special day here in Sweden. For us, it’s the beginning of the Christmas season. Daylight is very scarce this time of year, so we celebrate by decorating our homes with lots of lights. We bake gingerbread snaps, drink mulled wine and enjoy the company of our loved ones.

This year, for the first time in my life, I’m spending First of Advent without family. My family nowadays consists of my daughter, and yesterday I dropped her off at her dad’s place. It’s his turn to enjoy her company for a week.

Then, I drove to the nearby shopping mall and bought lovely new Advent stars. I spent the evening decorating my house with them.

The prettiest one is really big and cherry red, with sparkly silver decorations. It goes in to my daughter’s room.

Next weekend, she will be here again. And I so much hope she will like her new Advent Star.

I miss her.

The things kids say

Got this wonderful compliment from my 15-year-old yesterday. We were at the optician’s to get her glasses fixed. Well who can resist trying out a lot of frames while at the optician’s…

What do you think, I said, turning to my daughter, adorned with a pair of frames I really liked.

Oh, nice. she said. And then continued: the make you look really professional and serious. But..ummm…professional and serious….that’s so not you, mom.


Don’t Search For Happiness – Be It!



Yes I know it’s a cliche, but cliches shouldn’t automatically be dismissed. There must be something to them since people keep on repeating them, right?

Well on a pretty shitty day I suddenly thought “I don’t deserve this. I deserve to feel good.” And then I got the weird idea to go out in the autumn-grey garden and document happy-happy me. Like this. I actually felt better afterwards. Especially since I thought about what the neighbors might have thought if they had seen me jumping up and down like a mad woman to get a good shot. Heh.

Later that evening, something really good happened to me. The shitty mood I had been in was due to something work-related. I thought I had failed in communicating with a client, fearing that the effect would be no more assignments. Well, after dinner I got an email from that client. Turned out I hadn’t failed at all. On the contrary.

And I’m convinced that this was – at least partly – a result of my mood change, earlier in the day.

Yup. I sure am.