Your way is not my way

Your way is not my way
my focus is a different one
you may find it
even disturbing
To me, though,
it is the most beautiful one
since I found it myself
on that frozen, frigid sunday morning
walking through the secluded alley
no one
giving me pointers

I bent down to tie my shoelace
Looked up, and there it was
The sign
there for me
to ignore and forget
my focus, now, is a different one
most importantly
it’s mine

Copyright © 2016 Annie Weibull

First of Advent

First of Advent

Today is the First of Advent.

And that is a very special day here in Sweden. For us, it’s the beginning of the Christmas season. Daylight is very scarce this time of year, so we celebrate by decorating our homes with lots of lights. We bake gingerbread snaps, drink mulled wine and enjoy the company of our loved ones.

This year, for the first time in my life, I’m spending First of Advent without family. My family nowadays consists of my daughter, and yesterday I dropped her off at her dad’s place. It’s his turn to enjoy her company for a week.

Then, I drove to the nearby shopping mall and bought lovely new Advent stars. I spent the evening decorating my house with them.

The prettiest one is really big and cherry red, with sparkly silver decorations. It goes in to my daughter’s room.

Next weekend, she will be here again. And I so much hope she will like her new Advent Star.

I miss her.