The strangest thing

Looking back, it feels like the strangest thing, the fact that I waited. Deep down, all the time, I knew you wouldn’t come. Still I went there, to the meeting place that we had agreed on, and walked around that bench more times that I can remember. Smaller circles, bigger circles. Slowly. Sometimes stopping, turning my head to the sun, closing my eyes, feeling the pale late summer rays slowly dancing on my face.
Loosing track of time.
I flinched when the small dog suddenly appeared and raced right past me, very merrily, obviously hunting after something. It was out of my sight in a split second, disappearing in to the lush greenery.
That odd silence you know, when something unexpected startles you and then vanishes in to thin air.
Still startled, slowly coming to my senses, sort of waking up, I noticed that the bleak rays of sun were passing away. And it was at that moment that I made my decision.
I will not go unnoticed anymore.
I will not be ignored.
Not ever again.

Copyright © 2016 Annie Weibull

Your way is not my way

Your way is not my way
my focus is a different one
you may find it
even disturbing
To me, though,
it is the most beautiful one
since I found it myself
on that frozen, frigid sunday morning
walking through the secluded alley
no one
giving me pointers

I bent down to tie my shoelace
Looked up, and there it was
The sign
there for me
to ignore and forget
my focus, now, is a different one
most importantly
it’s mine

Copyright © 2016 Annie Weibull